Block Sock Block

WinHttpGetProxyForUrl also blocks.  This is despite the documentation saying that it won’t if you close the handle during it’s operation.  (Let’s face it, Microsoft programmers often have a very loose sense of the meaning of block, what’s a minute or two.)  Anyway, this called for a generic class for blocking things (see previous post re gethostbyname and getaddrinfo blocking).  Anyway, the class (as before Thread is a pretty basic personal thread class):

class CAbortableAction : public Thread
    CAbortableAction() : m_abort(CreateEvent(0,TRUE,FALSE,0),0,CloseHandle) {}
    virtual void AbortAction() {SetEvent(m_abort);}
    virtual bool StartAction()
            return false;
        HANDLE handles[] = {ThreadHandle(),m_abort};
        return (
    virtual void DoAction() = 0;
    bool IsAborted() { return EventHandle(m_abort).IsSet();}
    auto_HANDLE m_abort;
    DWORD ThreadProc() {DoAction();return 0;}


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