Lazy Value

I wanted to replace a const int with a lazily evalueated int.  It had to be lazy evaluated as all that was needed to calculate it was not available when the class is instanciated but was available before the int was needed. I didn’t want to change the code that uses the int.  So, I made this class:

template <class T>
class CLazyValue
   CLazyValue() : m_gotOffArse(false) {}
   operator T&() {return (m_gotOffArse ? m_value :
   bool m_gotOffArse;
   T m_value;
   virtual void GetOffArse(T &val) = 0;

To use it, just derive and fill in GetOffArse.  Example:

class CTopOffset : public extra::CLazyValue
   CTopOffset(CToolbarDrawerTabStyle &drawer) : m_drawer(drawer) {}
   CToolbarDrawerTabStyle &m_drawer;
   virtual void GetOffArse(int &val);

Note the name of my const.  The int can be calculated from the m_drawer.  The great thing is, CLazyValue can be used whenever lazy evaluation is required.  I fear this may be rather obvious but it looks good.


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