Glass Bead Look – Photoshop

Interesting: Glass Bead tutorial.  My attempt:

My go

Then try say a 300 x 75 strip.  Use brushes:

Brush 1: Solid #121212

Brush 2: Gradient#445282 Offset 0%, #29314D Offset 53%, #12131D Offset 95% 

Brush 3: Gradient #393F4D Offset 0%, #4A5367  Offset 33%, #5F6A87″ Offset 98%, #626C88″ Offset 100%

Use brush 1 to solid fill lowest layer.  On new layer, create a selection on bottom 28.57 % of image and use brush 2 from bottom to top.  On third layer, select the top 48.57 % of the image and use brush 3 from bottom to top.  Set opacity to 80% or slightly less.  You have a nice glass bead thing.

dark glass button

Try edit the colours to your desired shade by going to each one (bottom solid and each step on the gradients) and movng the second colour slider up and down on the photoshop colour picker.

Green thing

The next release of pmgconnect is bound to have glass bead somewhere.


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