The easiest way to test A COM object

This is assuming your COM object is a dual interface object (implements IDispatch).

1) Create a text file with a .js extension (eg: test.js)

2) Load the file into Visual Studio.

3) Put the following line at the top:

var arbiObj = new ActiveXObject("ArbiCOM.ArbiClassProx");

where “ArbiCOM.ArbiClassProx” is the prog id of your COM object.

4) VS will have intelisense (bellow type “arbiObj.” and your methods will be listed.

5) Go wild calling the methods. Example:

var arbiObj = new ActiveXObject("ArbiCOM.ArbiClassProx");

var ret="arbiObj.DoSomeStuff(20);<br">WScript.Echo("DoSomeStuff(20) returns " + ret);

ret = arbiObj.DoSomeStuff(19);
WScript.Echo("DoSomeStuff(19) returns " + ret);

6) To “run” your script.  Just double click in explorer.


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